Bag em bio poo bags

Bag em bio poo bags

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BAG’EM Dog Poo Bags are biodegradable, scented and also come with tie handles.

Biodegradable plastic takes roughly three to six months to decompose fully. This is much quicker than synthetic bags that take several hundreds of years. Exactly how long a biodegradable bag takes to break down depends on various factors, such as temperature and the amount of moisture present.


  • Biodegradable.
  • Scented.
  • Tie handles.
  • Available in pack of 50 bags 

Please Note

If you fail to clear up after your dog, you can receive a Fixed Penalty Notice which is up to £100. However if the case goes to court this could cost the person in charge of the dog up to £1,000.

The law states that being unaware your dog has fouled or not having a suitable bag is not a reasonable excuse.