Chudley Puppy/Junior  12kg

Chudley Puppy/Junior 12kg

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Puppy/Junior has been formulated to enhance a puppy's development throughout the growing period, ensuring that a puppy can fulfil their potential. This is a complete diet, that is wheat-gluten and soya free, and has been developed to provide pups with moderate energy levels to encourage healthy growth and is includes a nutrient profile to support neural development and learning. Puppy/Junior is appropriate for all breed sizes of working dog and is ideal for a puppy’s first food from 2-3 weeks old, right through to adulthood (which varies dependant on when a breed of puppy reaches adulthood). Puppy/Junior is also suitable for and may be fed to pregnant and lactating bitches, when appetite is reduced and or a large litter demands extra nutritional support for milk production. Feeding during late pregnancy may also encourage the puppies to take to this feed when first offered. 

Moderate energy levels to encourage healthy and steady growth rates

Contains key nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids to help support neural development and learning

Support bones, joints, and musculoskeletal development

Natural antioxidant and herb package for health and well-being

Prebiotics to help support gut health and immune system development

Complete unique package of nutrients to support skin and coat condition