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Our Dried Paddywack is a treat full of essential nutrients and low in calories, perfect for those watching their waistlines.

Made from 100% natural beef tendon our Beef Paddywack contains essential elastin proteins and type 3 collagen, making it extremely long-lasting and a perfect choice for heavy chewers.

Available in individual pouches or if you want to stock up why not try our bulk box?

100% NATURAL - Nothing added, nothing removed. Free from any artificial preservatives or colourant. 

NUTRITIOUS - Packed with essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy lifestyle. 

PREMIUM INGREDIENTS - We hand select every ingredient that goes into our natural dog treats and we only use traceable sources. 

SLOWLY AIR DRIED - At T. Forrest we patiently air dry our Beef Paddywack as this locks in all the flavours, goodness and nutrients and this also increases their chewiness. 

AROMA - Our Dried Beef Paddywack For Dogs will get your dog’s nose twitching with delight, but don’t worry you don’t have to open windows or hold your nose. 

GRAIN AND GLUTEN FREE - Even if your dog is gluten sensitive, they can still enjoy our Beef Paddywack.

Always remember to provide fresh drinking water and keep a watchful eye on your dog with any treat, dogs get excited when gifted our Beef Paddywack and can sometimes forget to chew properly.