Vetiq healthy bites breath & dental cat treats

Vetiq healthy bites breath & dental cat treats

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  • Vetiq Breath & Dental Bites For Cats And Kittnes

    VetIQ Healthy Bites Breath & Dental are easy to administer bites which help to maintain good oral health for your cat and kitten. VetIQ Breath and Dental bites help to reduce the formation of plaque, reduce the build up of tartar and freshen breath. Our unique delivery system enables them to deliver the functional ingredients in a delicious creamy filling.

    Helps prevent the formation of plaque Contains parsley seed and clove leaf oil for fresh breath Helps reduce tartar build up No brushing required for healthy teeth & gums

    • Healthy Bites Breath & Dental are delicious dual action treats formulated to comprise a dry outer shell which massages gums and scrapes the tooth surface
    • These high palatable bites are approved by veterinarians and have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and are wheat free too
    • Health enhancing cream filled centre containing natural anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and breath freshening ingredients